Should We Teach Our Kids Code?

Should We Teach Our Kids Code?

There was an interesting article I came across the other day asking a question I’ve also thought about for some time. Should we teach kids how to code? Kids absorb new skills, technology and information so quickly and naturally it puts the older generation to shame. We constantly see younger generations pick things up faster and take them to the next level. Now they just need the right tools… and they already exist.

But how do we make seemingly boring things like programming code, something that kids want to learn and enjoy while doing it? Well with games of course! From 3-D modeling games to dropping command lines that make colorful graphics move around a map, there are already a multitude of apps out there just like this for kids of all ages. If we start teaching them about code now, what they will be capable of producing in the future would be hard to imagine even with where we currently are.

By teaching kids to code, they will also be learning vital skills on problem solving, communication and creativity, all while having fun doing so! With technology continually advancing it only makes complete sense that we provide all kids with the opportunity to learn skills that most of the world already depends on, yet does not have an understanding of how it works.

So let’s start teaching kids how to code. There’s no time like the present, and it will surely benefit the future of the world.

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