Build it Right the First Time: The Downfall of Website Theme Dependency on Your Site

You want to save money by using a theme on your website. But, did you know a theme is not an advantage to you, it’s to increase the developer’s margin?

Anti theme websites

What are the downfalls of website theme dependency and how does it affect you?

Built for everyone is built for no one

Themes lack originality, customization possibilities, and scalability. They might not properly address the unique needs of your target market. A custom site, on the other hand, gives you control over the design, functionality, and user experience, creating an online presence that fits your brand and adheres to your precise needs.

Slow load times destroy your conversion

Google’s research showed that the chance of a bounce increased by 32% when a page load time went from one to three seconds, and by 90% when the page load time went from one to five seconds. If a site takes up to 10 seconds to load, then the chance of a bounce increases to 123%.

Many themes rely on plugins

Don’t fall into the plugin trap. With theme websites, you often need to install multiple plugins to achieve the desired functionality, which can lead to compatibility issues, security vulnerabilities, and ongoing maintenance. By choosing a custom website, you can avoid plugin dependency and have a streamlined, efficient solution tailored to your specific requirements.

A theme dictates how your brand is expressed

Just as branding is unique, the same principle applies to websites. A generic online presence doesn’t effectively capture the attention of your target audience. Embrace the power of customization by investing in a custom website that reflects your unique brand identity, creates an exceptional user experience, and speaks directly to your audience.

It’s not as cheap as you may think…

Theme websites can end up being more expensive in the long run. The limitations and lack of flexibility in themes lead to additional expenses down the line. Including, things like customizations, plugins, and ongoing maintenance. By opting for a custom website from the start, you can avoid these hidden costs and have a website tailored to your specific needs. Invest in a website that grows with your business and saves you from the unexpected expenses of a generic theme site. It’s a smarter and more cost-effective choice in the long term.

Website theme risks: reasons you may have to redo your site because you used a theme:

Outdated websites

Outdated themes are not engaging to your target audience as trends change. To stay relevant, you may need to start fresh with a new website.

Broken plugins

A single unsupported plugin can cause your entire website to fall apart, requiring you to start over.

Breach of security

Bloatware, security breaches, or redundant code in themes can permanently break your website or slow down its performance.

Lack of tracking

Your business changes and your website can’t adapt. Themes can’t allow for increased functionality, content, or traffic.

Pros & cons of theme websites

The pros of using a theme:

  • A theme will cost less upfront
  • Convenience
  • Shortened timeline
  • Comes with a brand in case you don’t have one
  • Templates mean less design time

The cons of using a theme:

  • Not optimized for conversion or performance tracking
  • Limited metrics and SEO
  • Not scalable
  • Rigid and inflexible design
  • Limited access to support
  • Not guaranteed to express your brand
  • Slower load times

Why custom: How you’ll know when you need a custom website

1. You need certain features on your site to better represent your brand.

2. Your business relies on your site to make sales.

3. You’re trying to build brand recognizability.

4. You want to use your website to measure profitability.

5. You are in a rapid growth phase and your business is changing.

6. You have a large variety of products.

What comes with your custom website?

Competitive Technical Audit

An evaluation of your competitors’ websites for strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve in terms of structure, speed, functionality, and performance.

Content & SEO Strategy

Whether consulting or creating, we offer guidance and develop customized content strategies to maximize effectiveness and meet your business goals.

Prototyped Website Mockups

Fully visualize your website with a branded prototype where you can provide feedback and ensure the look and feel of your brand is represented.

An image illustrating broken theme websites

Bug-Free Launch

In addition to several QA rounds, we guarantee a bug-free launch and a 30-day bug-free site warranty to ensure everything works perfectly.

CMS Training

Concerned about the maintenance of your site? After the build, we’ll train you to maintain your own site so you don’t have to hire someone to make updates.

Experienced Team

We’ve been building websites for 13 years and we hire experienced professionals with an eye for strategy.

Let us design and build your next beautiful website.