The Three-2-9 On… Alli Ward

The Three-2-9 On… Alli Ward

Alli is our Digital Marketing Coordinator bringing her creativity to the content development side of our business. She’s a Northern California native, having returned from the beaches in San Diego where she attended CSU San Marcos.

We caught up with Alli to discuss how the influences in her personal life shape her work with us!

3 Influences


I’m a new dog mom, which is a lot of responsibility, takes plenty of patience, but the hard work is always rewarding. He’s the cutest WFH buddy, cuddle bug and best friend all in one.

Being Adventurous

I’ve ridden horses since I was young, which I used to be terrified of and never knew how to trust them. My family always pushed me to try everything though, and not be afraid. And over the years I’ve conquered my fears just by getting out of my comfort zone and practicing more, which took courage!

I was shy as a kid, so now more than ever I appreciate all the things my family put me in front of to help shape my confidence. I love wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, riding ATV’s, scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, and even riding my horse. I feel that I’ve been lucky to grow up in Northern California.

Soccer, and Staying Active

I am pretty competitive and love a challenge where I can prove my abilities! Soccer taught me how to be a strong individual player while also being the best teammate I could be. Nowadays, I don’t run as much on the soccer field as I used to, so I take up Climb, Pilates, HIIT workout classes and hot yoga to get my energy out and clear my head!

2 Strengths

Perspective: I like to think that I’m pretty good at putting myself in other’s shoes, and I choose to see the good – sometimes to a fault. Though, I tend to be someone friends can rely on for good advice, and I think it’s because I like to see all perspectives before making any quick decisions or jumping to conclusions.

Eagerness to Learn: Because of my degree and some of the opportunities I’ve been given, I’ve been able to dip my toes into a few different ponds of multimedia and marketing. I love to learn new skills, soft and technical! I think it’s been a great way to learn beyond my degree and to really find what I’m truly passionate about.

9 Things Alli Loves

  1. Leo, Simon, Milo, and Mack (That counts as one, right?!) Leo is my French Bulldog puppy who you can follow on Instagram. Simon is my first child and orange tabby cat, Milo is my family’s yellow lab, and Mack is my horse.
  2. Reading – As I’ve gotten older I love a good book, and downtime to read. I am an avid follower of Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club!
  3. Yoga + Climb – I always feel better after a good sweat!
  4. Shopping – I’ve worked in retail as a stylist and around design + merchandising over the years, so this is one of my favorite escapes. There is such a creative process and outlet to styling an outfit (Pro-Tip: Quality always over quantity people)!!
  5. Writing + Photography – Both are creative outlets of mine.
  6. Family Time – The medicine to anything you’re going through.
  7. Time with Friends – Whether it’s weekend trips or meeting up at our favorite spots in Midtown for a drink (pre-COVID of course.)
  8. Iced Coffee – I’ll take a vanilla iced latte with oak milk any time/day of the week. (Shoutout to The Mill, Temple, Old Soul Co.)
  9. Hiking, laying by the pool, riding bikes all over town, heading to the park with Leo for puppy playdates – any reason to get outside!

A Playlist Alli Loves

Go-to Source for staying on top of Social Trends:

For ContentThe Social Media Examiner, SparkToro Blog, Buffer Blog, Sprout Blog, Contently, and Instagram of course!

For NewsTech Crunch, The Verge, and Twitter.

Must-Have Apps:

I’m pretty much drawn to anything image or video-based, so Instagram, Pinterest, Tik-Tok (a quarantine necessity), and sometimes Facebook.

For workSlack, Google Calendar, Notes App, Later, Tezza and Trello.

WFH Set Up

My desk set up normally had my AirPods nearby, a pad of paper, a cup of coffee, and a cute succulent next to my sticky notes and pens.

Nowadays, my WFH desk items are my pint mason jar (used for ice coffee or ice water), blue-light glasses, a pad of paper and pen, with my Summer Friday’s Jet Lag mask and jade roller because no one is here for dry skin – am I right? Oh and a candle, because I like to be cozy while working from home!

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