The Three-2-9 On… Cera Rios

The Three-2-9 On… Cera Rios

Cera is one of our talented UX/UI Designers that brings her creative taste and style to every project she touches. She’s a Hawai’i native at heart, with a love for California and a deep passion for adventure.

We caught up with Cera to learn where she finds her inspiration, and how her daily life influences her work.

3 Influences

My Ohana – Nothing puts me at the most peace and fills my heart with so much happiness and love than being able to spend time with my family…even if we are all thousands of miles away from each other. FaceTime has been our main source of contact on a weekly basis.

Exploring the Outdoors – Getting away from the hustle and bustle is absolutely necessary to keep a healthy balance for my mind, body, and soul. Backpacking and paddle boarding are the absolute best!

Meditation, Prayer, and Yoga – I try to do at least one of these practices once a day to help fuel my soul and energy with positivity and self-love. Writing down a list of gratitudes first thing in the morning helps me acknowledge how blessed I am to have what’s in front of me and a daily reminder that life is what you make of it, and to simply be happy and thankful for the now.

2 Strengths

Personal Growth – With the ever-growing evolution of the tech industry, I often find myself fascinated with learning about ways to improve workflow processes, skills, techniques, and the latest technologies that will allow myself and my team to create innovative and unique products.

Team Player – I’m that type of co-worker that puts others before myself and is always willing to help and dive in to contribute in any way. When there’s a tight deadline or an urgent task at hand I won’t stop until the job is done…even past office hours 🙂

9 Things Cera Loves

  1. Family
  2. God
  3. Photography
  4. Food and Wine
  5. Hiking/Backpacking/Paddle Boarding
  6. My Home – Hawaii
  7. Challenges
  8. Arts and Crafts
  9. Learning About New Things

Cera’s Personal Playlist

Go-To Resources for Industry News

InVision Education – InVision not only is a great app to create prototypes but, it also has been the leading educational resource for me. They do a great job and creating digital guides that help both designers and developers collaborate together. Since COVID started they’ve done an awesome job of hosting all sorts of webinars you can sit in on to learn about leading companies in our industry’s best practices, workflow, etc.

YouTube – I’m very much a visual learner so, when I watch how something is done and follow along at the comfort of my own home or desk I find myself catching on very quickly. Some of my favorite industry influencers are:

  1. Jessie Showalter
  2. Peter Mckinnon
  3. DesignCourse
  4. The Futur

Behance – Another fantastic resource to get inspiration of what is trending in our industry. It’s a great resource to view other creatives projects and work whether it was done professionally or just as a passion project. This is also another great place to discover new tips, tricks, and network.

Dribble – Just like Behance, Dribble has the same features and tools to inspire other creatives in the industry to get inspiration or learn new visual techniques.

Cera’s Must-Have Apps

Instagram/Facebook – Given that I live all the way in California and being from Hawaii, Instagram and Facebook are one of the main platforms I use to keep in touch with all of my friends and family back home. Not to mention my brother Rommel lives in South Korea so, using these platforms allows us to video chat for free! Whether it’s just us or all my siblings and cousins!

Slack – A great app to communicate with my team through chat or video calls.

Pinterest – I LOVE Pinterest! Whether it’s looking for a new recipe to create a meal or dessert or inspiration for home decor…Pinterest also gives me inspiration when creating mood boards, finding color schemes inspiration, and creative typefaces.

WFH Set- Up

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