The Three-2-9 On… Jessica Mason

The Three-2-9 On… Jessica Mason

Jessica is the newest member of our Digital Marketing team. She’s bringing her passion for marketing and coming on board as a Digital Marketing Strategist. We couldn’t be more excited to have her creativity and expertise on our side!

We caught up with Jessica to learn more about her personal world, and how it influences her work today.

3 Influences

Creating and Performing Music – Staying creative and expressive in my music offers me a much-needed outlet, and also keeps me in the right mindset to be creative and intentional for my clients.

Reading – Whether it’s articles, novels, fiction, non-fiction, how-to-guides, marketing theories, psychology books, or anything else, reading keeps me on my toes and always thinking about new ideas.

Spending time with loved ones and my pets – Being with people and animals whom I love (and who love me) recharges me and motivates me. Connection is everything to me.

2 Strengths

Empathy – Empathy makes for a marketer who is better able to identify goals for her clients, how to meet them, and how to craft the right messaging to achieve those goals.

Clear Communication – Clear communication (with clients, their audience, my coworkers, and any other partners on a project) makes everything more efficient and effective.

9 Things Jessica Loves

  1. Loved ones
  2. Music
  3. Animals
  4. Nature
  5. Knowledge
  6. Gardening
  7. Communication
  8. Helping Others
  9. Justice

Jessica’s Spotify Playlist

Go-To Resources for Digital Marketing News

I try to follow the right combo of podcasts, books, digital marketing newsletters, Instagram profiles, and marketing influencers on LinkedIn.

Jessica’s Must-Have Apps

Slack – Easy, comprehensive communication with the team

Scannable – Paperless scanning! So easy.

Pinterest – Endless supply of pretty ideas

Notes App – EVERYTHING from work ideas to song ideas goes in the notes app. I’d be lost without it

WFH Set-Up

A good Bluetooth speaker

My husky, Maddie, and a good amount of treats 🙂


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