The Three-2-9 On… Julia Kranzler

The Three-2-9 On… Julia Kranzler

Julia jumped on board with us recently and is the newest member of the Account Management team. With a background in project management and digital marketing, she’s the perfect match for us here at Three29.

We caught up with Julia to get to know her a little more and understand how her day-to-day life influences work.

3 Influences

Yoga! – It allows me to take some time for myself, move and strengthen my body, and clear my head before getting my day started or after work.

Cooking! – I love to cook as a creative outlet. My dad loves cooking as well, and I grew up eating great, homemade food, which is a tradition I’ve carried into my adult life.

My friends 🙂 – I have a close-knit friend group from college that I speak with everyday. We all studied design together and work in the marketing industry now. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see them as often due to COVID, but they’re always just a FaceTime call away.

2 Strengths

Resilience – I’m always able to work my way through a tough situation and find positives when it would appear things are falling apart. I’m a really firm believer in making the most out of a bad situation and pushing through. You’d be surprised by how much you learn about yourself when working your way through a rough patch.

I’m very personable – I’ve always been a talker- the cashiers at the grocery store in my hometown used to call me “the talking baby” when I was little because I talked to anyone at any given time. I still do! I love to strike up a conversation and get to know people, which is a very useful skill to have when working in client services.

9 Things Julia Loves

  1. Bagels – particularly egg and cheese bagels!
  2. My cat – Baby
  3. Music – I’m always listening to something
  4. Civic Engagement – I try to do my best to stay engaged and get involved in local politics and issues facing the community.
  5. Trashy reality television – (ANTM, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, The Bachelor, etc.)
  6. Fashion – I love getting dressed and take it as a form of creative expression. I used to work as a stylist when I lived in San Francisco and I genuinely love getting dressed every morning. Sometimes I get excited about the clothes in my closet.
  7. Art History – I studied design in college and was required to take two semesters of art history classes. I actually hated it at the time, but I find it to be a really useful skill to have. I love going to museums (pre-COVID) and art fairs. Some of my favorite artists are Wayne Thiebaud (a Sac native!), Keith Haring, Stuart Davis, Vanessa Stockard, Joan Miro, and Henry Mattise.
  8. Animal Crossing has quickly become a quarantine hobby and favorite pastime of mine
  9. Thrifting – This one is a bit niche but I’m really big into buying second-hand, particularly online. My go-to is Depop, Heroine, Vestiaire, and The Real Real for really great, unique vintage finds. Not only is it better for the environment, but there’s a thrill that comes with finding a one-of-a-kind piece.
  10. NEW JERSEY! – I was born in NYC and my family lives in various parts of NJ, so it really feels like my second home. I have a big Italian family from my mom’s side and a big Jewish family from my dad’s side, so it really is the best of both worlds. I’m back east about twice a year and I love it.

Julia’s Personal Spotify Playlist

Go-To Resources for Industry News

Designspiration – Interesting design inspiration and industry trends
Man Repeller – Innovative articles on fashion and women’s lifestyle content
Twitter – I read a lot of my news on here
The Cut – More news, but a lot of really great staff of writers!
The Strategist – Curated list of tech, lifestyle, fashion, and other items curated by NY Mag

Julia’s Must-Have Apps

Twitter and Instagram – I get some great memes on Twitter and Instagram is just fun.

Spotify – my *preferred* music streaming platform (Sorry Apple Music!)

Planta – reminds me to water my plants!

Domino’s App – Pizza delivery QUICK

Slack – Easy communication between coworkers

WFH Set-Up

All I need nearby is my AirPods, cold-brew coffee, a notebook and my water bottle!

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