Web Design Terminology – Infographic Part 1

Web Design Terminology – Infographic Part 1

Think about the process of buying your first house.

You have (or had!) to learn about mortgages, insurance, real-estate law, home owner taxes, et cetera.

Overhauling your digital presence, while not a 36-year commitment with the bank, is still a major undertaking. Some of the most common question I get are:

  • “What’s a wireframe?”
  • “Update the tabs.”
  • “Can we edit that later or have to decide on it now?”

It’s important that all of our clients understand the basic components of a web design and development project, so we created an easy-to-digest graphic to help you understand our language, and so you’re able to more readily communicate updates and requests of our firm.

We call that a win-win!

t29-222-infographic v2.5

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