Why Product Photography Needs to be the Bread-and-Butter of Your Brand

Why Product Photography Needs to be the Bread-and-Butter of Your Brand

Great photos can increase sales by 30%. Yep, t-h-i-r-t-y percent! Your product is the most crucial part of your brand, so why wouldn’t you want to show it off with some fire photos?

In the modern world we all are living digitally (aka on our phones). That means consumers are going to primarily see your brand online, whether it be through the website or on social media. The pictures you choose to share will be an important factor in how users see a brand and determining their purchase decisions.

Instagram profile grid.

So why should you jump on the high-quality photography bandwagon? Over 51% of Americans with internet access who prefer to shop online. It’s a trend that is only going to keep growing.

If you’re tired of using stock photography and your home studio shot photos just aren’t making the cut (or sale), you need to hire a photographer. Simply put, we’re not all photographers even though some of us would like to believe we are with our iPhone. Like everything else, photography is a skill and good product photography is more of an art form. A professional will elevate your brand with their creative eye and you will be able to use the images for competitive edge on Instagram and Facebook.

iPhone food photography.

Having an active social media presence is crucial in today’s marketing landscape. If you haven’t made them by now, then you’re losing out on the single best opportunity to bring in new business. But that’s only half of the conversation. Social media is a crowded space, you need to do content better than everyone else.

There’s a huge potential for ROI when you use high-quality product photography in your social media feeds. There are millions of users who follow hashtags to discover new brands every day. So don’t hold back on the hashtags because there is one for every industry, movement, and day of the week.

With social media, the opportunity to go beyond your local community and organic reach using professional photography and hashtags is the easiest way to grow your audience and retain loyal customers. At the end of the day, everyone can appreciate the beautiful photo that made them stop aimlessly scrolling their feed.

And if you choose to take your own photos, that’s great! We know building your brand on social platforms requires a bit of time and energy, so we compiled some of our best tips to help you get started:

  1. Get in early, take photos in the morning before you open! Plus you’ll get that morning sunrise natural light, so that’s already a win.
  2. Capture behind the scenes exclusive shots, such as your staff hard at work, or have them help you model the shot.
  3. Take as many photos as you can and keep them in your back pocket. It’s not realistic to shoot every day but a few times a month should provide plenty of content.
  4. Plan ahead – there are a ton of scheduling tools and professionals who live to do this. Writing copy for captions comes best from the ones who created the brand voice, but there are plenty of copy-writers available to help at any time you feel overwhelmed. (*cough cough*)
Girl holding camera covering her face.

Don’t get us wrong, creating and scheduling a monthly content calendar on top of managing a business would be an impressive feat… But just know, you don’t have to do it all!

Running a business is hard work, so if you need help, we happen to know a few guys 😏.

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