Why use Tiktok for Advertising

Why use Tiktok for Advertising

Why use TikTok for Advertising

TikTok is Great for new customer acquisition

TikTok is a global social media app with over 800M active users. With a presence in over 150 countries you can get your eyes in front of markets that you would have never had access to.

The perks of being an early adapter

As an early adapter, businesses that market and use TikTok will have relatively little competition. Additionally, the average engagement level beats all other apps.

TikTok builds your brand reputation

TikTok and its users are in a stage of rapid growth because the app promotes creativity and collaboration. Finding the right audience in this space is ideal for upper funnel marketing.

“It took Instagram six years from its launch to gain the same number of monthly active users that TikTok managed to gain in under three years”
–Digital Marketing Institute

Instead of showing users who they know, it shows them what they like, constantly suggesting new creators and brands.

TikTok has reinvented influencer marketing

TikTok is the great equalizer when it comes to fame and following. Celebrities and prominent influencers have millions of followers, of course, but some of the most viewed and liked accounts are those of regular people. These popular accounts give tips, tricks, and genuine brand recommendations as content creators and receive a small stipend (from TikToks Creator Fund) to create more content. This authentic influencer marketing means you can get your brand in front of eyes that actually want to see what you’re doing!

Tips for Marketing on TikTok

Make the intro catchy so viewers stay.

Start with something like, “this trick for <insert industry> will change the way you work forever.

Share tips, advice, and favorite things.

Be genuine and share things that have actually helped you. TikTok is all about the value add.

Make it so some parts have to be rewatched.

We did a tutorial where the creator is speaking quickly. The entire video is 15s, users are more likely to rewatch a few times if it moves quickly which will boost your video in the algorithm.

Open with text over video

Opening with text makes it so the viewer has to read for a couple seconds before deciding to move on or not, increasing your average view time.

Make the video catchy or funny.

Being salesy will tank following and engagement. Have fun and people will look forward to watching your videos.

Kick off with a bang.

Start with the best clip first. Making the first two seconds dynamic will make the viewer watch longer which will point more users to your video.

Use popular music, sounds and trends

Putting your spin on a TikTok trend or using a trending song will rank your content higher.

Let us help you with advertising on TikTok!

Not interested in doing it yourself? We can customize these tips to fit your brand and create or suggest amazing content to get you more customers! Click the button below to schedule a discovery meeting.


TikTok is a great way to build a following of new customers, build upper funnel marketing strategy and honestly… have a ton of fun. Want to see Three29’s TikTok? Smash this link and see the recommendations above in action!

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