wimZr Launches in App Store and Google Play!

Blake and John, the founders of recently launched wimZr, came to us with big eyes and even bigger dreams. As realistic as the two of them are, they knew that wimZr could be something revolutionary.

The idea was simple. 

  • Going to Vegas for a bachelorette? Put your trip in wimZr and browse people who will be there when you are.
  • No plans this weekend at home? Browse travelers coming to your city who may need a tour guide.

When someone you’ve liked likes you, you’re connected. Chat with them, favorite the good ones, and enjoy the seamless dating opportunities available to you locally all the time, and globally when travelling.

Three29 was pleased to beat out other high-end design and development agencies in Sacramento and the Bay Area, and the partnership quickly turned into what we call a TEAMILY (team+family).

Defined by effective trust and communication, the design process moved swiftly through wireframes and app flow. Lisa utilized the impetus of a clean look and feel, geared towards users of all ages, and decidedly more upscale than other dating apps like Tindr, to bring life to the wimZr concept.

Our back-end programmer Vasile developed the UI, while Eduard (VP of Technology) worked tirelessly in the backend to ensure quick server response times and a scalable system to accommodate for wimZr taking off.

Keeping the project on-track was simple given the responsive and trusting client team, and I had an absolute blast supporting both Three29 and wimZr through the design, build, and QA phases. Kevin (CEO and Founder of Three29) will continue to support the wimZr team in their marketing and scaling efforts as the app goes international.

We are honored to be a part of the wimZr family and are so proud of our collective team for making it happen.

Now hurry up and download the app! There are people to meet and connections to be made using wimZr!

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