Your Daily Social Media Checklists to Increase Engagement

Your Daily Social Media Checklists to Increase Engagement

If the title of this blog piqued your interest – good! We’re glad you’re here.

Why? Because you probably are feeling a little overwhelmed managing your brand’s social media. Or, you’re looking for clear guidelines on ways to increase engagement and followers in today’s digital atmosphere.

Either way, we totally get it. It’s a lot to take in and can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.

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Today’s Social Media Channels

The days of social media being an optional marketing channel are over. The social scene today has expanded and grown rapidly since its start. 

Nowadays a social presence is an expectation for most businesses, with 80% of marketers saying they rely on social media to raise brand awareness.

Let’s get started with the basics:

Pick Your Social Channels

It’s important to understand the individual channels and where your business needs to be. Bigger brands with large audiences tend to have presences across every channel, however, your brand may not need to dominate each space. 

That’s why it’s important to consider which platforms will make the most sense for your industry and audience.

Complete Your Profile(s) Information

Not only is this vital for your business to be filled out correctly and fully, but it’ll make your profile look more professional, while also making your business easier to find.

This includes:

  • Claim your businesses’ name and URL
  • Choose brand profile image and creatives
  • Fill in your ‘About’ sections, contact info, and links to your website
Your Social Media Checklists:

Twitter is a go-to tool for businesses to provide customer service. It’s also a platform that historically brands showcase their quick wit and humor.

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on Twitter:

  1. Monitor mentions, respond to any questions or concerns.
  2. Retweet and interact with influencers (3-5)
  3. Make connections and follow new people
  4. Schedule new posts 
  5. Thank and respond to people retweeting your content

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform to date, though it can be hard to maintain growth with an always evolving algorithm. That being said, they set the gold standard for social media advertising.

If you are a brick-and-mortar business looking to target local customers, Facebook ads are a great way to grow your local following.

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on Facebook:

  1. Be consistent and post on a regular basis
  2. Monitor mentions, and thank anyone who shares your content
  3. Respond to comments, DM’s, and page recommendations. Be thoughtful and generous with your responses!
  4. Like and comment on 3-5 page updates or posts
  5. Develop paid ad campaign to promote a new product, increase awareness, or offer discounts
  6. Engage with people commenting on your paid ads
  7. Tag relevant pages/users if you’re referencing them
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Though Facebook takes the cake with being the largest social platform, Instagram is another major platform for brick-and-mortar businesses, eCommerce, and influencer marketing.

At its core, it’s a visual content network, and it challenges brands to get creative.

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on Instagram:

  1. Develop a consistent posting strategy, and share new posts to IG Stories
  2. Post and follow relevant hashtags to broaden your audience
  3. Like, comment, or follow 5-7 posts/users a day. Leave thoughtful comments!
  4. Engage with users who comment or reshare your content
  5. Share your ‘off the cuff’, in-the-moment, unedited, newsworthy content to IG stories!
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LinkedIn is the ‘networking guru’ platform of social media. It’s great for staying on top of business trends, networking with B2B companies, and making connections with influencers, marketing managers, and CEOs alike!

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on LinkedIn:

  1. Develop a LinkedIn content strategy apart from your social media strategy for all other channels
  2. Check incoming messages and respond to any necessary.
  3. Approve invitations to connect that is a benefit and make sense to you / your brand.
  4. Share relevant industry articles or your latest blog post to your profile.
  5. Join 1-2 groups and see if you can volunteer answers.
  6. Follow industry groups/hashtags a few times a week
  7. Invite ‘decision makers’ to like or follow your page

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the largest search engines in today’s digital landscape? The visual pinning platform may not be for every brand but is definitely worthy of anyone sharing highly visual content.

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on Pinterest:

  1. Pin 5 images per day. A mix of your content and other people’s.
  2. Like 5 posts per day.
  3. Repin 5 images per day.
  4. Pin to group boards for added exposure.
  5. Update boards or titles that need to be optimized.
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TikTok has very quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms to date.

Many brands have been incorporating TikTok into their social strategy and online presence in order to stay on top of trends, engage younger audiences, as well as show a lighter side of the brand through funny videos and challenges.

But it isn’t just large brands trying out the new platform on the block – Who would have guessed that a history museum (@sachistorymuseum) would go viral on TikTok? Us either, but they had their brand vertical ready and tried it out on a new platform.

In many ways, TikTok works the same as the other platforms in that users can like, share, and comment on videos. Think of it as your opportunity to share low-cost video content on a variety of platforms!

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on TikTok

  1. Create your TikTok account/brand channel and fill out your profile
  2. Establish a ‘vertical’. TikTok determines your account vertical on your first 5 videos, and will recommend your content to the proper audience.
  3. Follow accounts that are popular with your ideal demographic.
  4. Engage with similar accounts to gain exposure. TikTok rewards accounts that are active and engaging!
  5. Post consistently and post often.
  6. Cross-promote your TikTok account on your other social channels.
  7. Stay relevant on all trends: challenges, hashtags, sounds, ads, filters, and more.
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Although it’s not always regarded as a social media platform, YouTube is highly engaging for video content and ranked as the second largest search engine on the internet (following Google).

Below is a checklist for you to get started with on YouTube:

  1. Create an attainable content schedule and regularly upload videos
  2. Clean up your descriptions, add keywords, your URL, and tags to older, but evergreen videos.
  3. Ask questions from fans in your videos to address them, and create engagement
  4. Engage with followers in the comments section, address questions, concerns, and feedback!

Now that you have your social media engagement checklists, and how-to get started, it’s time to pick your platform and build your brand profile!

Don’t be discouraged and think you need to take every profile on at once. Start with one and watch the likes and comments pour in! Then when you’re ready, pick up another platform and cross-promote your channels!

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