ADA Website Compliance

Why is it important?

Meet Highest Standards of Accessibility

Our ADA Remediation package is designed to ensure your business’s online presence meets the highest standards of accessibility and compliance with the latest ADA guidelines, including WCAG 2.1 Level AA. We specialize in enhancing user experiences to accommodate the needs of all individuals, regardless of their disabilities. Through the integration of extensive accessibility features like color contrast adjustment, text-to-speech functionality, and easy navigation, we ensure that your digital platforms are inclusive and inviting to all. Additionally, our dedicated team offers continuous support and updates to adapt to changing regulations, assisting you in mitigating legal risks and expanding your audience base.

The accessibility man symbol encircled by a thick outline. The image is colored as gradient from blue to pink.

Our Process


To begin the compliance process, we first start by scanning your entire site for ADA violations. Based on these findings, and your targeted compliance level (we recommend aiming for WCAG 2.1 Level AA), we will provide a timeline and estimate for remediation.


Now that the issues have been identified, Three29 will begin the remediation process.

Once our initial edits have been completed we will scan your website to confirm compliance. Any ADA violations found will be fixed until the scan comes back clean.

Upkeep / Training

ADA compliance is not just a one and done project. It’s important to us that we train our clients on best practices and how to keep their site compliant. We recommend scanning for ADA compliance anytime a new addition is added to your website.

What is ADA Compliance?

Four Circles in grid with icons: Vision, Auditory, Mobility, and Cognitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA Website Remediation involves modifying a website so that it becomes accessible to people with a variety of disabilities, complying with legal standards such as the ADA and WCAG.

Compliance is not only becoming a larger legal requirement depending on your business, but also a best practice to ensure your services are available to all users, regardless of their abilities. Many individuals living with disabilities rely on information from online sources, yet accessibility barriers often hinder their access to the necessary resources.

The duration depends on the complexity of your website and the extent of violations. After our initial scan, we will provide a timeline tailored to your website’s specific needs.