Catching Up with… Joe Morris

Catching Up with… Joe Morris

Joe is another one of our amazing Project Managers, who oversees our production team’s workload, communicates daily with clients, and ensures our projects are organized and running smoothly.

We caught up with Joe recently to learn a little more about his personal life, and how it influences the work he does with us.

3 Influences

Cooking – Cooking is my true passion and main creative outlet. I spend a significant amount of my free time cooking and exploring new recipes to try. Once I feel confident in a particular dish or methodology, I like to put my own creative spin on it so I can truly call it mine. There’s nothing more rewarding than sharing a meal you’ve cooked with a loved one and seeing their face light up when they take the first bite.

Traveling – Prior to Covid, my favorite thing was to travel. It didn’t matter if I was going to China or just driving down to San Francisco for the day, I really just love getting out and seeing new stuff and meeting new people!

Yoga – I start every morning with yoga. Yoga prepares me for the day ahead by giving me an opportunity to clear my head and get my body in motion. After a good morning yoga session I like to jump right into work to build off the momentum of my practice.

2 Strengths

Organization – Organization is an absolute necessity in being a successful project manager. As a PM, you are spinning multiple plates for multiple projects and making sure that the rest of your team’s plates are also spinning efficiently (I may have overused the plate spinning analogy, but you get it). In a role like this, the ability to meticulously organize the various moving parts of multiple complex web projects is the difference between a positive and a negative experience for everyone involved.

Relationships – Building relationships with clients and colleagues is really important for my role. In order to get people to “buy in” to a project, deliverables, timelines, etc., you need to first make sure they’ve bought in to you and your ability to lead the team towards these goals. I take pride in my ability to forge meaningful relationships with people, both in and outside of a work environment and it has contributed to my success in this position.

9 Things Joe Loves

  1. My Dogs
  2. The Oakland Raiders
  3.  Cooking 
  4.  Traveling
  5.  My fish tank
  6.  Golfing 
  7.  Biking 
  8.  Friends
  9.  Reading/Podcasts
Joe’s Personal Spotify Playlist
Go-To Resources For Industry News

Reddit: Reddit has a great Project Management community that works as a wonderful resource for solving problems and learning about how people handle difficult situations in the industry.

Invision Newsletter: The Invision Newsletter is a great way to keep up to date with the latest trends, news, and best practices in web design.

Joe’s Must-Have Apps
  • Spotify – I’m always listening to something, whether that be a podcast, audiobook, or music. Now that Joe Rogan moved exclusively to Spotify, I was forced to make the transition. I can’t say I’m disappointed. Spotify allows you to have all your music and podcasts in a single app which is super convenient.
  • Audible – When I’m not listening to music or a podcast, I’m probably listening to an audiobook.
  • Sacramento Business Journal – I love my community and the growth we’re seeing is really exciting, the Journal allows me to keep up to date with what’s going on in the city.
  • Reddit – I try to stay away from social media in general, but Reddit is my exception. I love that your feed can be customized to be only things you’re interested in without having to be given things you don’t care about.
  • Amazon – Amazon is my go-to shopping app. I realized yesterday I needed more pens, and today I have more pens, it’s that simple.
  • Youtube – I’m not a big TV guy, but I really enjoy youtube. The content that’s available now is so diverse and enjoyable. I generally spend at least an hour a day on youtube catching up on the latest sports takes, cooking demos, lifestyle videos, and every random other thing that comes my way. Youtube is amazing.
  • Traeger – The Traeger app allows me to monitor the temperature of my Traeger grill and food I’m cooking from my phone. It also allows me to adjust temperatures, set timers, and turn off the grill from anywhere. This app is particularly useful for longer cooking times on items like pork shoulder or brisket because you can put the meat on and go about your day without being glued to your grill to ensure things are going smoothly.
  • Slack – Slack allows me to keep in touch with the team anywhere I go.
  • Gmail – Gotta have Gmail
Joe’s WFH Set-Up

Things I always keep nearby:

  1. Water tumbler
  2. Coffee cup
  3. Notepad
  4. Phone charger
  5. Headphones

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