Catching Up with… Scott Hobson

Catching Up with… Scott Hobson

As a full-stack developer, Scott is one of many important assets to our Development team. With his impressive skill set and problem-solving skills, Scott can handle any website or mobile app build that comes his way.

We caught up with Scott to learn more about what drives his work ethic, and passions outside the workplace.

scott bbqing
3 Influences

Video Games – Some games improve your problem-solving skills.

Legos – Building your own creations with legos is very similar to building apps or websites with a programming language.

Not sure if this counts, but I am constantly thinking about whether or not my current approach to completing a task is the best and most efficient approach. Whether I’m doing dishes, driving a car, or writing some code.

2 Fundamental Strengths

Memorization – I have a good memory. It’s not a perfect memory, but I can remember a lot of things and it is very handy for this kind of work. It helps me remember the different things each programming language can do as well as a bunch of cool tricks, things to avoid, etc.

Problem Solving – I LOVE figuring things out. If there is a mystery then I want to solve it.

9 Things Scott Loves

  1. Playing in the waves at the beach. It’s my new favorite thing. Boogie boarding for sure. I’m going to try surfing one day too. 
  2. Camping. Not in a cramped campground either. I like to find a cozy spot in the woods that’s far away from other people. 
  3. Spending time with my family!
  4. Authentic Mexican food
  5. Video games
  6. Smoothies
  7. Wrestling with my dog
  8. Learning about ancient civilizations
  9. Solving a really hard puzzle/mystery
Scott’s Music Preference

I listen to a variety of music. The type I listen to depends on my mood. It could be anything from classic rock to rap to a sea shanty.

Scott’s Go-To Resources For Industry News

There are too many things in this industry to try to just keep an eye on them all, so I mostly will research things as needed.

Things usually don’t trend in the classic sense either, but there are changes that I like to be aware of.

I don’t usually use just one site, I use many many sites and compare the info from them all to try to determine the best course of action.

Scott’s Must-Have Apps


Our Groceries – This app lets the wife and I link our accounts so we can both edit the same shopping lists. I can add stuff to the list while she is in the store. It’s very nice. 

Recipe Keeper – This is where I keep my recipes for baking and whatnot. 

Discord – It’s a chat app. I use it to chat with certain friends and family.

Reddit – The time killer!

Personal and Work:

Youtube Music – This is my current music app. I use this because I was on Google Play before it was merged into this.

Work: – This is the easiest time tracking app I’ve ever used. I love it.

Firefox – This is my browser of choice, and I use the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Ublock origin – This add-on is essential.

VSCode – My current favorite code editor. 

TablePlus – The best tool to access databases. 

Postman – Lets me test APIs.

Transmit – This is a great SFTP application – The tool I use to test Regex code.

WFH Set-Up

My lego phone holder

Slippers under the desk

A cup of coffee or tea, sometimes a soda.

Nail clippers

Various cords for plugging in different things

A microfiber cloth and screen cleaner


A wire head-scratcher/massager

Napkins because I spill something at least once a week… LOL

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