India and Indiana: How Geographic Difference Affects Creative Problem Solving

Problem solving and creativity run hand in hand. The ability to interpret problems and locate the best solution requires a radical sense of creativity—looking at the issue from numerous angles, generating options, and arriving at the ideal solution are tasks best approached with imagination.

The good news, regardless of whether you’re a digital designer, account manager, entrepreneur, or nine to five American-dreamer, is that we’re all equipped with the capacity to improve our mental processing and output. That’s why humans are better than monkeys, right Coco?


The ability to fine-tune the stimulus (problem) / reaction (solution) cycle is unique to us in the human race.

Redefining your issue in a new frame (e.g. imagining the problem as in India as opposed to the geographically closer Indiana) will equip you with the freedom necessary to take a step back, approach the issue as an outsider, and develop better—even more creative—solutions. More tips on how to improve your mental resourcefulness follow in “An Easy Way to Increase Creativity” by our friends over at Scientific American:


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