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A careful choice led Swiggler to Three29.


Swiggler came to Three29 in search of a new agency that could take their idea to the next level. Through careful consideration they decided it was time to put the past behind them and move forward in a new direction; we were excited to lead the way.


The first step was to create a strategy that would define the new version of Swiggler. We worked closely with the founders to define new specifications, features and goals. These were then all rolled together to create a go-to-market strategy for a new type of nightlife app.


With the past behind us and a new strategy in place, Swiggler came together with ease. Design, development, and features were ironed out and worked through with precision and efficiency. In the end the new Swiggler app is something we all love and are excited to use.

Spaghetti – The key to a new identity.

The Three29 team worked together internally to create many variations of a visual identity for Swiggler. Like throwing spaghetti on a wall to see if it sticks, the Swiggler identity took the same tactic. Bottles, snails, olives, bottle openers were all researched and tested before the final Swiggler identity was crafted.



Wireframes are the true power behind successful iOS and Android Apps.

We wireframed every functionality of Swiggler’s application to ensure a smooth and easy interface that people play with and get lost in. App discovery is an important part of the social growth plan, so that users feel like they’re building it themselves. Swiggler allows them to discover features and benefits as they dive deeper into it’s functionality, and the client understands every piece of the app before we begin designing or developing.


Beautiful application design. . .

Swiggler wanted something that was fun, clean, and easy to navigate. The design is just that. The color palette is different than competing nightlife apps while making sure the vast amount of options on each page are easy to use and find.


…and robust technology.

Not only was the design clean, eye-catching, and easy to use, it was also built with love, integrity, and clean code.


In Conclusion
Kevin Howe President & Founder

With functions like calculateHotness(); how could Swiggler not be a blast to work on? Of course I was excited to work on an app for nightlife, in one of my favorite cities to experience culture.

Knowing that Swiggler came from a difficult agency experience and had thousands of dollars in the hole, we knew that transparency and hours-budgeting was going to be more important than ever. At Three29 we pride ourselves on being flexible with our clients and their specs - we know that budgeted hours are always important.

Because not all clients are former app-developers themselves, they may not know 100% of the specs when we start a project. For example, the ability to "like" comments and posts became a critical piece more than halfway through the project. Knowing how to use budgeted hours most effectively ensured not only a quality project, but a feature-rich product, and a trust-based ongoing relationship.

Swiggler is a fun app to use and is spreading through the social sphere with good traction. I love going to Happy Hours nearby and seeing signage for the app that we helped nurture. When I look back at Swiggler and it’s impact on Three29 I can’t help but smile at how we took a bad experience for our two clients, and translated that into good times for thousands.

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“The team at Three29 was incredible to work with and we are excited to keep iterating on Swiggler with them.”

Dennis Luong

Co-Founder of Swiggler

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