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Located in the heart of Old Sacramento, Ten22 prides itself in award winning cuisine and superior quality brews.


Creating a rich and immersive web experience for Ten22’s diners.

Our beloved partner, 3Fold Communications, came to us with a project that we were ecstatic to be looped in on. The project was a redesign and rebuild of Ten22’s website.


3Fold does incredible brand development work, so we made certain that every digital detail matched Ten22’s branding and kept things fresh. Ten22 is a modern, casual-dining restaurant with influences of Sacramento’s rich history, as they’re located within the heart of Old Sacramento. Because of this, we combined and showcased those divergent aesthetics so they could attract a newer, younger crowd, while not leaving their tradition and history in the dust.

We met with 3Fold and Ten22 for a project discovery meeting on the beautiful back patio to discuss the site, tasted a few dishes, and absorbed the overall feel of the environment. This dramatically helped generate the inspiration for rich wood textures, classic sans serif and serif font combinations, and simple layouts; setting the tone for what you see in the live redesign.

Product Design

Because of responsive technology, Ten22 is now a website, a tablet application, or a cell-phone application all wrapped into one website build. They remain on the cutting edge of web technology and the Sacramento restaurant scene.

Ten22 is a local restaurant with an atmosphere that engulfs visitors within a casual dining experience unlike anything in the Sacramento area. So what did we do for 3Fold and their client? We translated that Ten22 experience into a fully responsive, custom designed, and immersive WordPress site that both future and frequent patrons can easily use to find hours, menus, events, and even more.
Ten22 has a delicious abundance of dishes. We wanted to make sure their customers knew about them as much as we did, so we kept this our focus as we designed and developed the menu’s digital iteration. We replicated the layout of their printed menu to build familiarity between the two, so there was no mistaking the where title, description, or price was located once they actually visited the restaurant.

“We couldn't have asked for a better vendor when working through the Harvego Family Foundation's online rebrand projects. Three29 was strategic, balanced, and delivered every step of the way!”

Jamie Von Sossan

Sr. Client Services & Business Development Manager

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